Online music collaboration, simplified.

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Muse is revolutionizing real-time music collaboration.
With our powerful suite of tools, you can use any DAW to make music online as if you’re in a virtual recording studio. Muse streamlines your workflow so you don’t have to download multiple apps to get the in-person experience.
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Remote music collaboration, simplified.

Whether you’re a musician, audio engineer, or audio professional, Muse allows you to seamlessly communicate and work between apps. Conveniently screen share or control another desktop, mute or solo shared devices, enable push-to-talk, and much more. Everything you need for online music collaboration in one place.

Share DAW audio with the Muse Plugin

You can easily share DAW audio by adding the Muse plugin to the Master track. Muse will take care of the rest. The plugin is currently available as VST3, AU, and AAX.

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Stream high-quality audio

Share multiple audio devices with the option to stream high-quality for recording. Share audio from your computer or DAW so collaborators can hear what's coming through your speakers like they're right next to you.

Record audio remotely

Record any device being shared with the session directly into your DAW. The Muse Audio Driver acts as a virtual audio interface to pass audio from one app to another, allowing you to record audio from anywhere on your computer.

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Play & record MIDI over the network

Share your MIDI devices with the session so your collaborators can receive and record incoming MIDI into their DAW. With Muse, you can remotely play instruments in your collaborator's DAW.

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File sharing

Quickly exchange ideas by dragging files into Muse’s chat box, or from the chat box into your DAW. Depending on your software, you can drag files directly from your DAW, into Muse.

Find collaborators with the Muse community

Find collaborators in the Muse community

Join our growing community and start connecting with people that are just like you. Search by genre, instrument, or studio role and invite them to your session directly in the Muse app.

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Find collaborators with the Muse community

Muse is free and compatible with Mac OS X 10.13.6+ and Windows 10*

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Muse Version 01.01.01 (Alpha)

*There are some limitations with Muse on Windows